~ A Good Night To All ~

The house so cold,
As I lay abed,
No sugar plum fairies,
Danced in my head.
When I heard a noise,
Outside on the lawn,
I had to jump up,
Breath withdrawn.

I pulled on my slacks,
Sweater over my head,
Slippers on feet,
Down the stairs I fled.
The noise came again,
My hair stood on end,
Scraping and thumping,
It wasn't a friend.

My courage at risk,
I put out my hand,
Grasping the front door knob,
Preparing my stand.
Perils of Pauline,
Was all I could think,
My womanhood at stake,
I wished I had a drink.

Opening the door,
Expecting the worse,
My eyes were unfocused,
Could that be a hearse?
When what to my eye,
Should suddenly appear,
Three strangers on foot,
Smiling, saying, "Good cheer!"

They began singing,
The old Christmas songs,
Their harmony so perfect,
That I knew all along.
They came from afar,
So I would remember,
The true story of a birth,
Of a child born in December.

Another sound outside,
Caught my listening ear,
Jingle bells merrily ringing,
Santa and eight reindeer!
He waved and he shouted,
Took off in swift flight,
"Merry Christmas to all,
And to all a good night!"

Joan C. Nelson-Payne 2005


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