~ A Letter To God ~

Dear Lord, please help me on my daily walk.
I want to be a better person, Your help I need.
It is not enough just to go to church, to talk.
Nor is it enough to say, 'my Bible I read.'

I know in my heart that I can be better,
Perhaps the person You made in Your image so bright.
But I cannot do it alone, so I am writing this letter.
I need the help of all those who walk in Your light.

You know who they all are, dear Lord.
I do not need to say their names.
For they are the ones who always hold
Us up in prayer when we are hurt or in pain.

I ask You, dear God, in the name of Your Son,
Who shed His life's blood for my sins,
To guide and mold me until I become
Someone who would be worthy of being with Him.

When it is my time to leave this earthly plane
And join those who have gone on before me,
May I be one who has not lived in vain,
But gave back something and helped others to see.

God's great love encompasses the future and the past,
And our debts were paid in full on cavalry.
So remember all we have to do is just ask,
For He even forgave a sinner like me.

Thank You, dear God, for listening to me.
Someday I pray in Your loving presence I'll be,
With all my dear friends, my little one, and my family.
Blessed Savior, sweet Jesus, to You all the praises be.

By Karen Kelley 2/26/2010



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