Are you feeling all alone?
Afraid of what will be?
You have the change within your power
And God said "Come to Me"

Are you caught up in despair
Not knowing which way to turn
Keep your soul open, and aware
God said "I do care"

Do you feel empty?
Do you feel small?
Lean upon the Father
He is there, when we call

What if tomorrow
Was to be your last day?
Have you sown the seeds
Of loving your brother today?

What if we were alone,
Without God to lean on?
How would we manage,
Where would we belong?

Think of the chaos
This world would be in
Worse than it is now.
Where would we fit in?

Get over your sadness
For promises reign
God's not a liar
His word tells the same

Be open to Jesus
He'll not fade away
Give to Him your heart
To mend this day

Debbie Looney 10/05/2006

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