Another Letter From Mother
~the battle with the bee~

In your letter you ask me
Just how I have been
I guess pretty good
for the shape that I'm in

I went to the doctor
I had an attack
He said "Get her ready,
and I'll be right back"

The nurse then said,
'take off your clothes,
gonna check you out
from your head to your toes'

Then down to the ER
where they put me in bed,
Fluffed up the pillow
and propped up my head

Then along came someone
With a bunch of Rosies
and a Bumble Bee flew out
from one of those Posies

I screamed when it flew
right in my direction
Around and around I went
running for my protection

The nurse then returned
and said "get back in bed,
you've got no clothes on'
'Yeah, I know', I said

I said, 'then you kill that bee'
She said, 'where, what bee?'
I said 'the one on the curtain,
that's looking at me'

'There ain't no bee' she said
'Oh what a shame.
betcha can't even
tell me your name'

Again she was gone
and I was left with that bee
sitting on the curtain
plotting to sting me

I slid out of the bed
and picked up my shoe
and said 'watch out old bee,
I'm coming after you'

With one big swing
and a big, big splat
then somebody yelled
"My God. what was that?"

Then somebody screamed
Call the doctor
and another one said
'He is the doctor and I think he's dead'

I jumped back in bed
and covered my head
Did I kill that doctor
like somebody just said?

Then in rushed the guard
and yelled at me
'Did you see a man with a club,
tell me, what did you see?'

I looked him in the eye
and said "why ask me?
I ain't seen nothing
but an old bumble bee'

Then I heard them say
'The doctor ain't dead'
another one answered,
My Lord, look at that lump on his head'

So now I'm quite exhausted
and kinda nervous too
In a few days
I'll call and talk to you

Yolanda Cohen
2004  written from a story by Betty Hill


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