A soul sister will come with an abiding love
to help you believe, when you really want to cry
they will come, with a very special smile
to walk the path of life, closely by your side

They will come with words of encouragement,
when you feel a scream arise within,
and listen with a gentle understanding
when you long to share a dream

A soul sister will come to shield your heart
when the fight becomes too strong
standing near in misunderstandings,
caring when you're wronged

They will assist in the search for wisdom
in any problem big or small
with a prayer in every struggle
for God to be your all

A soul sister may uncover secret needs
when your well being's losing ground,
sharing with you in sunny days
or when there's thunderclouds

They will unfold God's love in many ways
delighting in your joys
or comforting in sorrows
to care, their heartfelt choice

A soul sister will grieve compassionately
when you're afflicted by a hurt
and will watch-care through the trials
with a genuine concern

They will come as a faithful friend each day
to share in all you like to do.....
A soul sister is a gift of God
so beautiful, forever true

Soft soul whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

A soul sister reaches for your hand
And touches your heart


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