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~ Confusion of Time ~

Ever get that feeling that it's all going away
People that you trust, tell you it's just another day
A pack of cigarettes, keeps you till the money comes in
I used to wonder, just when it would begin.

Think you said yesterday, that today would be the day
For some reason tomorrow, is still one day away
Always seems to stop me, in the middle of a sentence
Only then to realize, that time now has no substance.

What is very real, is the moment you still live
The moment you find better, is the moment that you give
It's the trust that you have grown, through life's passing time
When you open up your heart and open up your mind. 

It's all the every days, that will be seen and judged
The moments, hours, or days, when time seems not to budge
Frozen moments of life, how quickly they pass by
Today is never yesterday, and still we don't know why.

And when tomorrow comes, we'll be in front of heaven's gate
Where the good and bad we've done, all will then be weighed
It is the day the Lord will see, right into your heart
And say, "Come on in", or, from heaven you must part. 

So if today is yesterday's tomorrow, then just relax and love
But be sure to really look, at all existing facts
It is how you handle this confusion of all time
So that in the end, you'll still have peace of mind

Gary Salter  8/27/06

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