A great vacation time by the sea
Swimming or Volleyball on the sand
Taking long walks enjoying the scenery
These times so precious we all understand

Donít forget the pictures they are so grand
Preserved memories of times past
Boating, skiing or fishing are so much fun
Good times in our heart and soul do last

Family and friends gather round the bonfire
So festive, conversation or just telling jokes
Brings us close together in happy times
We become so much closer with all good folks

Picnics, checkers or just time to talk
Enjoy all these special times
People enjoy being together no matter how brief
Young or old or even in your prime

Make good use of vacations they do seem so short
For times like these are so fleeting
Gather friends around sharing your heart
Camaraderie of family or friends or just meetings


© Joyce Ann Geyer 2006
Poet N My Soul

Enjoying good or bad times...
 are they treasures or joys?
Quote by Joyce


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