Dark Tuesday, We Remember 9/11/01

In God's Hands

On the Eve of that dreadful day
my heart feels heavy
tomorrow should bring a smile
a celebration of my birth
instead is replaced with sorrow
feeling ill, weary
I remember, I reflect and I weep

September 11th

We all know where we were
what we were doing
we remember the planes
first, second
third and forth
we listened, watched
in disbelief
switched channels
wishing, hoping, Praying
it was a mistake
but it wasn't
it was very real
surrounding us
with chaos, questions

September 11th

Another Anniversary
recalling it all
it plays out in my mind
over and over again
the pictures are clear
pain, fear, loss of life

September 11th

Four years have passed
yet, it seems like only yesterday
as if time were standing still
I see ground zero
the resting place
of so many innocent people
and why? for what?

September 11th

We remember the Twin Towers
as people leaped to their death
the two buildings joining them
dust and smoke blackened the sky
stench of human flesh lingered
screams, panic, horror
disbelief, anger, shock
fear of the unknown
what would follow?

September 11th

Will be remembered
forever etched in our hearts
burnt into our minds
we Pray for those who perished
and for those left behind
we Pray for world peace
and for our troops overseas

September 11th

A day in history
to be always remembered
as dark Tuesday
the horrendous day
that brought tears to Mother Liberty

September 11th

Men, women and children
buried under tons of rubble and debris
due to a senseless act...
an act of terrorism
against the United States Of America.

September 11th

The beginning of the end...
No, we shall never forget...

Rose Marie Streeter 2005

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