“Doesn't Anyone See?”
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Doesn't anyone see the signs
As they tarry by so fast?
The flooding, earthquakes, and storms
God's word states, will come to pass

Doesn't anyone believe
In the literal "Word" that God conveyed?
We have been given many warnings
So we'd be watchful, prepared, and saved

Doesn't anyone even care
That our world is in a spin?
We have been given many chances
But most continue in their sin

Doesn't anyone see what's happening
Or do most, walk in blind ways?
I believe End Times are upon us
And this world has Numbered Days


Doesn't anyone see the reality
Of what is going on?
We're to keep a watchful eye
Or in a blink, all will be gone

God is fulfilling all He wrote
Our world is slowly being reeled
With earthquakes in divers places
All God spoke, will soon be sealed

Get on your knee's creation
Give praise unto the One
Who gave you life itself
Accept His precious Son

Give honest thought to what I'm saying
Don't think it will all just go away
The signs are there, keep watching
Give God, your heart, today!

Debbie Looney © 06/16/2008

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