I have a story, I want to share
About a man, who dared to care
To help a woman, in distress
Risking his life, this I confess.

You see she tumbled, down a hillside
Heading for a cliff, the rocks did slide
This man named Orly, came to her aid
Oh what a price, the both of them paid.

You see Orly was running, way too fast
His head was down, as he flew past
He started to tumble, head over heel
As we stood by, and started to squeal.

Some shrubs and hedges, stopped his fall
They both laid there, unable to crawl
Bloodied and bruised, they both were
Down this mountain, they took a detour.

It was really scary, such an awful sight
We ran to see, if they were alright
This man who fell, down the mountainside
Got up laughing, with scratches in his hide.

This lady however, was in far worse shape
So many bumps and bruises, and a lot of scrapes
I have to tell you, she could barely walk
She just mumbled, unable to talk.

She walked away slowly, a groan we could hear
I think she was scared, consumed with fear
She knew how close, she came to the edge
Her downhill spiral, was stopped by a hedge.

But Orly walked away, laughing out loud
I think he was grateful, there wasn't a crowd
To see his descent, head over heels
He's still on the mend, just trying to heal.

Chee Chee Martin 2007
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
Whispered Words

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