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~ Dreaming of My Love ~

Your eyes are dark, in mystery steeped
Leaving wonder of the secrets they keep
Hair flowing down a face of perfection
The smile I see one of seduction

A body of a fairy as in the tales told
An aching need in the heart just to hold
To dance together across the ballroom floor
To have you on my arm as I go out the door.

Feeling love's passion as it ignites
Taking our souls to such wondrous heights
Having you in my arms as sleep overtakes us
Awaking in your arms with that look of trust.

To wrestle and laugh at each other's jokes
Trying to be the first to grab the remote
Working together as the day passes by
Stopping to look at the clouds in the sky.

I know we'll be together again one day soon
It will be better as love again will bloom
Now I only can dream of my love's sweet bliss
It is there she will get her nightly kiss


Gary Salter 28/12/05

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