~ Face to Face ~
Face to face with Christ my Savior
Face to face and then I'll see
The place that's He's prepared in heaven
The place where I shall ever be
Face to face with all my loved ones
Those who've journeyed on before
Face to face Oh what a meeting
There inside heaven's open door
Face to face I'll talk to Moses
Oh the stories he can tell
I will also meet the woman
Who was drawing from the well
She will tell of the Living Water
That Jesus gave to her that day
How He changed her life completely
And took her burdens all away
Face to face with Paul and Silas
I want to hear their stories too
We'll rejoice there all together
And I'll be watching there for you
My dear friends start the journey
Jesus has a place for you 
In that Blessed Glorious City
Face to face, you can see Him too
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 Humble Thyself In The Name Of The Lord
Arr. Rob Shuss

"Gift of Love" © Danny Hahlbohm
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