~ For The Love Of You ~

Night sky is shining
Moonlight is out
Stars in the heavens
My heart beats for you
In love through the night

I give you my all
My soul and yours one
Our love never fades
At the setting of sun

If I could hold you
To keep you near me
There would be happiness
Our eyes ever see
My love will be with you
It never can die
If you could love me
You'd see tears in my eyes

For love of you
I would climb a high mountain
And walk a wild stream
You would be everything
That's what it seems

If you could but love me
As I've loved you so
Then the rain could just come
And we'd let it go

Happiness is around you
Your hand shall be mine
If only you would love me
Then you'd be mine.


Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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