Love is much more than a tender caress

And more than bright hours of happiness,

For a lasting love is made up of sharing

Both hours that are joyous and also despairing.

It's made up of patience and deep understanding

And never of stubborn or selfish demanding.

It's made up of climbing the steep hills together

And facing with courage life's stormiest weather.

And nothing on earth or in heaven can part

A love that has grown to be part of the heart,

And just like the sun and the stars and the sea,

This love will go on through eternity,

For true love lives on when earthly things die,

For it's part of the spirit that soars to the sky.

Salina Koch
used with permission


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My feelings arise Out of a deep,

intense desire.

Words are not enough

To make them realized.

Take me by the hand

And guide me to your path,

Where my heart can race like

clock-work Against your

ever so delicate palm.

Oh, for that one chance

That our eyes can gaze intensely,

Beyond the walls that bind us...

Just once to see your face.

Written By Pete Andrus
(c) 6/12/98
used with permission

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