~ God Made A Way ~
On that far away hill,
that was called Calvary,
They planted a rugged cross
To crucify the Lord of glory,
The reason why? To save the lost.
Man could not take His life
He freely laid it down,
Paving the way for us
to live on higher ground.
If He had not laid down His life,
And paid such debt of sin,
Life would be so painful,
No hope for any man!
Satan had stolen the world away
In the garden of Eden,
When he deceived Eve that day
And she and Adam had eaten.
The forbidden fruit,
They picked from the tree,
Which opened up their eyes
To what they were not supposed to see.
So God devised a plan.
Oh, what a price it cost.
We'll never really know,
How much it took to save the lost.



Midi is courtesy of Songs Of Praise.

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