To Go With the Flow

These words I heard a few years ago
Even if all seems lost, it's still good to know
To not struggle against all of life's tides
But save your strength, for all that still hides

Let yourself go, in the love that you see
Relax on the gentle waves, of rolling seas
Grab a log, when they chance to come by
For you never know what's on the other side


Life is like that, if you really look
Just like a twig floating down a brook
The more you fight, it is like quicksand
On the bottom is where, you sadly might land

It is only His faith, that keeps us alive
The Lord is the stream, in which we glide
Go with the flow in His gentle current
As long as we wait, then with Him we are sent


"Go with the flow" were the last sounds he heard
For "Go with the flow" were her very last words
So he held on with prayer, afloat in the waves
Doing what he was told, the only way

Finally to the shore, he was able to swim
There was only one path left open to him
Still innocent, still hearing her last words
From his dear mother's lips, both he and God heard

Since that day he has started living a life
Now he'll see more, than tomorrow night
Safe on a raft made of true faith and love
God's hand will guide, to His gate above

Gary Salter

Dedicated to my wife, Diane
God rest her soul,
and the terrible night my son lost a brother and a mother.
Those were the last words he heard "Go with the flow"


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