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Hello, could there be many ways to say hello
Shall we think of just a few,
I could drop by with a country "Hi"
Or a kick in the shin, teehee
And you'd be glad to see the back of me.

There's the good old warm fuzzy hug
That makes you feel all safe and snug,
Maybe a little more etiquette,
"how do de do"
Or a rush on by with a cheery wave
Should I stop and really ask
Or would your true feelings be masked.

Shall I politely shake your hand
But really, that's more for a man,
Though is chivalry totally banned
For what happened to all those lovely kisses on the hand.

Would it be too unacceptable
To beep 'gidday' as we drive by
Cause I heard it was against the law,
But I know they still do it
in the country more
For they certainly wave to all,
As everybody's ya friend out there
Ah, give me those country folk with friendly care.

If we were eskimos we'd be into
rubbing noses
Is nice for the warmth, if not for the toes.
Then some give a kiss on both cheeks
That's sure nicer than kissing the feet.
There's nods and winks and shrugs
Aloha and shalom or ciao
Or a Chinese gentle bow
And in Latin America a hug is abrazo.

So what shall we have,
a bit of this and that
But hey, lets get on with it shall we,
For "Hello dear chum"
I'm ready now for a really good chat.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission


Midi from Glow Can Pick Midis


Brought to you by 2004