How can I imagine
the pain and broken hearts,
of people in the storm;
their world now torn apart.

How can I imagine
the fear and bitter pain,
of those who stand and cry
with no shelter from the rain.

How can I imagine
how it feels to lose your home,
to have no food or water
and to feel so all alone.

My heart is full of sorrow
as I watch the water’s rage.
My soul cries out to heaven,
“Please, Father, turn the page.

Let me find a way, Lord
to lend a helping hand,
these people are my people,
this destruction is my land.”

But all that I can do is pray,
and watch in deep despair
wondering what I’d ever do
if I was standing there.



Forrest Phelps-Cook © 2005
Reflections From The Heart




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