Thank you for joining me to admire
one of my favorites, the "Broad-billed" hummingbird,
shimmering emerald and sapphire in the morning sun.
There are 18 species of hummingbirds here in Texas.

Hummingbird Time

Spring blossoms bright and new
The flower buds kissed with April dew
Listen closely for that telltale hum
Of tiny wings when spring has come

Never tempted by the worm nor by the seed
But the aromatic beauty of the opening flower
Draws them by the dozens at an early hour

With breathtaking beauty to catch your eye
They dazzle and charm as they zip through the air
With the dash and appearance of the joy they bear

Admired in poetry, songs, and tales
These humming fems and handsome males
We await with wonder for each new Spring
And harken for the sound of this tiny wing

By Michelle copyright 1999
used with permission
all rights reserved

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