~ I Have Loved You ~

I have loved you since the day we met
You are the one I could never forget
I have loved you for always
The nightingale tells me so
I hope you never want to let me go

I have loved you since the beginning of time
The butterflies sing of the beauty
You have given me
I take you to a garden,
Where only you and I will be

The rainbow after the rain, gives us hope to go on
We are like the breath of wind,
Leaves falling to the ground
I will always see happy things,
Now that you I've found

I have loved you in the starlight
Looking in your eyes of blue
I know you can hear me
As I hear love calling me to you

You are an earth angel
I am in your heart to hold
I have loved you always
Remember me, as with you I grow old


Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Words and Music by David Gates


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