~ Just My Word ~

It is just my word I give to you
And I back my word with all I do
Never will I seek to hurt I promise this
As a friend, I seal it with a kiss

My word is my honor this I vow today
Never will I break this honor in any way
It is on this, I give myself to you
So dry your tears and share my laughter too

I will be your friend until the end of time
Share secrets, even of the naughty kind
Never tell another of anything we say
On my word as a gentleman, it shall be this way

Every night I go through my list of friends
With a prayer for every one the Lord has sent
To ask him to care especially for each one
For His will and wish always to be done

It is from the wisdom of His words I hear
Only truth being told, there are no lies to fear
He has kept His word, so I try to do the same
Our kinship will be one of honor, never any shame


Gary Salter 2005

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