~ The Lighthouse ~
by:   O' Puppy

The sun has abandoned, all daylight is gone
My mind wants to sleep, as I drift all alone
I'm searching for answers, that I cannot find
So hungry, and lonely, I've bout' lost my mind

My plans were all mapped, and traced with such care
Yet so much has failed me, As I tremble here
Why not a companion, to escort this trip?
So many new questions, as I bite my lip

A splash in the distance, a creak from the bow
A shadow that's haunting, this fear in me now
Then silence surrounds me, so quiet the night
Yet somehow I know, things just are not right

Now, what could have led me, to this foolish game?
Of finding myself, to worthy my name
When life is so precious, without all of this
Oh, how I would love, just one simple kiss

The stars way above me, seem restless and cold
I feel for my senses, something I can hold
A numbness is growing, my eyes weary stare
For oh, in the darkness, is something out there?...

What can I be seeing, have I gone insane?
Then just as before, it all happened again
I'm sure I'm not crazy, while struggling to see
As warmth has deserted, all things around me

Oh God, don't forsake me, I've nothing to spare
This frazzled old body, needs your strength to share
I'm lost and I'm listing, my boat without sail
Entrapped as a coffin, gone under a swell

I beg your forgiveness, for things I'm not proud
Please help me this one time, I'm crying out loud
I know I'm not worthy, but this I do pray
Just give me direction, and I'll change my way

A voice whispers to me, from where I don't know
Then over my shoulder, a beam is aglow
I'm frantic and shivers, are all over me
But I have a course now, a beacon I see

So close is the shoreline, my eyes stare the bow
This light and the beacon, has vanished somehow
So sudden this new calm, as hush as a mouse
I know I've been guided, by His own lighthouse

Ronnie Shreve
used with permission

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