~ Long and Winding Road ~

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On that long, and winding road
We travel, endlessly
Our attempts at finding happiness
Will come, eventually

It can't happen without trials
And it won't come overnight
But if we give our heart to Jesus
Our lives won't be a fright

You see, we are only human
And we reason things away
Chalk hard times up to bad luck
Go on our merry way

We think everything will even out
Don't look back, it's over now
But we will never lose our past
Without God, to show us how


So this long, and winding road
Was created just for you
Each road we are given
Is a test, for us to do

It strengthens us, and teaches
To have faith in God above
For when we fall too hard
It's then we reach out for His love

It's in the hard times we're made perfect
When we must struggle on
For only then, we must rely
On the Holy Father's Son

The long, and winding road we travel
Gives us the character of Christ
So don't give up, keep climbing
Keep reaching til you get it right.


Debbie Looney 02/20/2008


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