~ Love Of My Life ~

Just sitting here remembering,
The day I said I do!
It was many years ago,
And our love is still true!

I remember the day I met
The man of my dreams!
It seems not long ago,
And I was only in my teens!

God has surely blessed me
With a very special man!
And I still get a tingle
When he reaches for my hand!

One thing I know for sure,
I know what true love all about.
Because, God, has blessed me,
With a true and loving spouse!

I know that he still loves me,
Though Iím getting old and gray
Because he makes a point to tell me
Each and every day!

Even though the years
Are quickly passing by
I know Iíll love him forever
And until the day I die!

Leona Etling © 2006

No one is old who is young at heart.


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