~  My Loving Friend ~

I have a loving friend, who is an angel to me
She helps me with life, so I can be
In the country she lives
God's art, do I see
It is like time has stopped
I feel the air and the breeze

I rode through the little forest
The leaves on the ground
It has been so very long
Since this beauty I found

My loving friend has love in her home
I felt first-hand, God smiled at me
This wonderful loving friend
Who was given to me

I bought some tropical fish
That light up always
Went to a fall fiesta
Won first prize on that day

God gave me an angel with a very big heart
She loves me as a sister, who will never part
Chimes through my house, singing to me
A garden in my patio, for all to see
My loving friend gave me these gifts
So happily

She wanted me to feel the country, so new
The caring of a home, forever true
Thank you, Dear God, for a butterfly with wings
An angel of mine, who will ever sing

Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet
For my own angel, Babbs,
of Soaringangels


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