Cruise Lake Lucerne
Cruise with us on the spectacular
Lake of the Four Forest Cantons
as we make our way to the
legendary Mt. Pilatus!

The weather is great,
the breeze is soft and
there's a new view with
every change of direction.
Watch the colors change as we
cruise through the shadows
of the mountains and forest.
It's a large irregularly shaped
lake with mountains on all sides
and forests coming down to the shore
in many places.

Enjoy! Patience while the images load please,
I know you'll find it worth the wait.
I broke them up into 2 pages.
Comments welcome & appreciated!

Mountains reaching up above the clouds!
Sailboats & Mountains

Lisa's enjoying the breeze in this hazy view.

Can't you just imagine living here?
Nice View

Or maybe nestled back in the mountains.

Or a castle in the sky....

A sailboat would be nice.....

What a nice pose! Isn't she a beauty?
Another Sony moment!

A Beauty!

I just LOVE this place!!

Watch the water turn to deep green
on the

page of Lake Lucerne!

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