I love my new Mavica camera and hope you enjoy some of the first pictures I took. This hybiscus was taken using the flash. I love the quality of Mavica photos.


The pool when it's getting dark, mood lights are on. This is my favorite time to swim, peaceful and romantic. ~smiles~
pool at night

This is the first Bird of Paradise bloom of this year. Now you can see where it got it's name.
Bird of Paradise

Watch as the sun moves gently across my first Mavica picture.
This applet is in realtime so it doesn't take too long to load.

After you see the light move across the image you can move the light yourself with your mouse over the applet. Move your mouse off the applet and it begins again on it's own.

My purple heather......isn't she beautiful?
Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java.
My favorite color......duh

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