Mom, your love is so real,
as you reach out to me,
with the care deep within
from all that you feel

Though, you may be tired
from times that have been
Only love from your heart
you still want to give

You bless me with life,
from the life that you live
Your heart overflows
with the song that you sing

Your soul bubbles forth
from the love of the Lord
For He is the joy
that I see you live for

You are my best friend
and read me so well
Every secret you know
I don't need to tell

Soft thank you whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007


My mother has always been my spring board-
Whatever I needed to talk about or begin,
her heart was miraculously strengthened
to bear the life of both of us- I don't know..
God gives Mothers an amazing love.


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