~ My Baby Girl ~

I never saw your sweet lil' face.
The day that you were born.
They took you without a trace.
My heart was shattered and torn.

I thought about you every day.
Hoping and praying, I did it right!
I was in utter dismay ...
Wanting so bad to hold you tight.

When you were two months old.
I received a picture of you.
Smiled and hoped, what I was told.
Was nothing but the truth.

I sat and wondered many times.
Is she leaning on the Lord?
I kept asking God for some signs.
Show me it was Him she went toward.

One day to my surprise.
I get a letter in the mail.
One of regular size...
Which sent my heart a sail.

Asking for the Reunion.
Of two souls of the heart!
Having God's Communion,
From Him we shall not part.

You're so very beautiful.
All the way around.
Our love is so bountiful.
A truer love cannot be found.

Now I have my daughter.
A son in law indeed!
Like the running water.
Of God's loving seed.

You gave me a grandchild.
Of six months or more.
Loving you so tender and mild.
Is what I've waited for.

You make my days much brighter.
You make me smile for sure.
For true love, I am a fighter.
Could you truly ask for more?

I may not have raised you!
But you were mine to give.
And I did, with love so true.
So you could surely live.

Live you did and I am proud.
To know that you're mine.
I shall shout out loud.
For you my dear, truly shine!

You shine like the brightest star.
With a desire for love.
That wasn't very far.
You never push and shove.

I am glad you found me.
And you know I love you so.
Together we are finally free.
And I shall never let you go.

Diane M. Lamphere 2007
For my beautiful
daughter Frogdancer


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Midi is used with permission
Margi Harrell


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