~ My Christmas Prayer For You ~

My prayer for you this Christmas
from deep within my heart,
Is for all that's sweet and beautiful,
the love of God imparts.

I pray you will have safety, hope and peace,
and that every day feels blessed,
And may you know so near of heart,
each one you care for best.

My prayer for you at Christmas
is ever tender, true,
And from my heart,
because it is for you.

You will always be so treasured
for the very way you live,
In every prayer at Christmas,
always, my love to you I give.


Soft whispers just for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008

Christmas is so sincerely
beautiful when we
share the
joy of love and prayer with those
we love the most.

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Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)
Sequenced by HONEY
Copyright 1998 by Cintia Orlandi

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