Each morning when I wake up,
The first thing that I do,
Is say “Good Morning, Lord.
May I say a thing or two”?

I want to thank You for each day,
And the blessings that You bring.
And there is a very special one,
Who makes my glad heart sing.

Lord, will You please bless my friend?
Her heart is filled with You.
She brightens every cloudy day,
As her light of Love shines through.

And even when she's not well herself,
She'll help everyone she knows.
So much like Jesus, she reaches out,
Sharing love everywhere she goes.

And so today, will you do something
Very special just so she’ll know,
That to her friend, she is the one,
Who makes my warm heart glow!

She is like a living rainbow,
That brightens up my sky.
She fills my day with sunshine,
And bright stars to shine at night.

Tell her that I love her, Lord,
And, I love and thank You, too,
For sending me “My Peppermint Rainbow”
Hand crafted for me by YOU!!!!

Written © April 19, 2010
by Karen Bunker

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