God Uses "Ordinary People"

God has jobs on earth
That He needs folks to do
Not for Kings and Prince's
But "ordinary" folks like you

For the mighty boast of strength
And the genius of his mind,
But the work of God
Needs folks of a different kind

When He made the Garden of Eden
He did not create a king
But He created an "ordinary" man
To tend to everything

Moses lived in Pharaoh's palace
But that's not where he came from
He was "ordinary"
That's why he was called upon

To lead the Hebrew children
Thru the great red sea
Moses was no different
Than the likes of you and me

Noah built an Ark
Using only God's great plan
Such a mighty work was wrought
By an "ordinary" man

Little David tended sheep
Just a tender lad was he
When the Lord desired a man
Ole' Goliath to defeat

From all the mighty and famous
God could not find the kind of men
To go about His work on earth
So the "ordinary" He did send

You may feel you are not able
To complete a certain task
But get ready to be called upon
For it's "YOU" that God will ask

Betty Hill 2005

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