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The force of Mother Nature
Has washed upon our shore
With a fierce, hellish fury
Like we’ve never seen before.
Homes and businesses flooded
By tens of thousands, maybe more
The cost, up in the billions
But we have lost so much more.
The beauty of the new and old
Wiped out in this storm’s path
Some completely blown away
By Hurricane Katrina’s wrath.
From Florida towards the North
She has wreaked Her havoc
But, of  those “things” destroyed
Most all, can be built back.


But when someone’s life is lost
They will be gone forever
There will be no second chance
To heed those warnings, never.
For some there was no option
“Wrong place at the wrong time”
But, many who “rode it out”
Won’t have that choice, next time.
It may take weeks, months, or years
To clean up and to rebuild
But the void left by some losses
Will never heal, or be refilled.


Del “Abe” Jones
 © 08-30-2005

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