I wonder what will happen
When the Good Lord calls you above
Will your things be handled tenderly?
Will they be handled with love?

You manage to accumulate
So many things upon this earth
And while you're here you value each
But will your family know their worth?

A portion of you is in each item
They're things that caught your eye
But how many things will continue on
When you're called to the throne on high.

Your heirlooms and your assets
Are designated to a few
But what about the sentimental things
The things you did accrue.

Photographs of special times and events
Souvenirs of places you've been
Things that meant something to you
All these things that made you grin.

Some of us had to go through the possessions
Of a loved one who has passed on
Their life consists of everything we touch
It's their memories we see, they're not really gone.

So as you look at each memento
And thoughts of your loved one comes to mind
Handle their things tenderly
All these things they've left behind.


Chee Chee Martin 2005

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