Lord, and Father as You hold me to Your heart
Lift my mind, my all
E'er nigh into Thy life
I will not be drawn to look behind
For I know, of all You have for me,
Your beauty and Your life forevermore,
You will raise in me to one day find.

I will never leave of all that I most love,
For all I love is You-in all I see and need to keep.

But, this life, dear Father
bear it's pain and suffering, this death,
please Lord, remove it, if Thou wilt, but
Father, not my will, but Thine in me be kept

I do not need to glance aside,
to all that lies upon another way, thus keep my eyes
e'er drawn apart by all You are
Lord, hold me close-dear Father
as You love,
You hold me to Your heart

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

In the garden, there the closeness
The nearness to the Lord apart
Of bended knee alone to hear
Love whispered by His heart


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This diorama depicting Christ at prayer in the garden
was inspired by the beloved painting by Heinrich Hofmann
brought to three dimensional life at Christus Gardens.

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