~ Prayer's Answer ~

I used to pray may love be true
Let it happen to me at least once
These prayers I made into a ritual
Every morning, night and even at lunch

Something happened to make me wake
I heard a voice talking to me
Toward it's source a glance I did take
Such beauty made my eyes freeze

A woman like none I'd ever seen before
Such wonder and beauty talking to me
It was so surprising I almost hit the floor
It was confusing, how could this be

How could this beauty with long flowing hair
Ask me to sit and talk for a while
Then I remembered all of my prayers
Of finding love they all did compile

God in his wisdom did find it my time
For love to enter into heart and soul
This woman was the one for all time
To honor and cherish forever to hold

Gary Salter © 2004
For my love so fair, Peggy

To keep what seems almost a dream,
Close to our hearts and then,
To take the stolen moment out,
And remember that it was ‘when’.

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