Can You Smell It?
Jackie Edwards

I went to the back door to let in the fresh air in just as I did each and every morning while the girls were getting ready for school. The morning was different today... to my surprise there was a strange smell in the air. What is that...I thought to myself. I called the girls to come. We all were standing in the doorway on a earllllly~~ foooogggyy~~ fall~~ morning. Can you smell that? What is it? They looked at each other and then back to me, I don't know... they replied~one by one. They could not figure it out either. We sniffed again and again but could not figure it out.
We stood there... not moving...just looking at each other~~~ smelling the breeze as it brushed across our face.
```WHAT IS THAT SMELL???!!! each of them asked.
In a low... lowest of low voice...I whispered...I~do~not~know. I was getting nervous, but could NOT close the door. So we all stood there sniffing the cool breeze as it brushed across our face...what is that smell? In a very pronounced voice I again replied ... I~d o~n o t~k n o w.... What is it? I asked. We stood there for a whole 5 minutes with our noses out the door.
What is that smell? Then it dawned on me~~~...
It is Halloween and we must go trick-or treating!!

Move the mouse close to the cube
to slow or change the direction of the spin.
Click on the picture to zoom in
right side up and stop.
Click again and the cube spins again.

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Story by Jackie Edwards,
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