Friends are forever

~*~ The Reunion Of Lost Sisters ~*~

The Good Lord directed me in my search
For the sisters I once knew
As children four of us were adopted out
Our parents didn't know what to do.

It's taken 45 years to find each other
To become a family once again
This journey has taken so very long
But now our lives can begin.

Five sisters were separated years ago
So much history we now can reveal
We'll have our reunion once a year
And one by one we can start to heal.

So much to talk about at each reunion
So many pictures for us to go through
Recounting the lost days and the lost years
Our lives we can sit and review.

We missed out on all the birthdays
The marriages and children that came
We missed out on growing up together
But there really is no one to blame.

Unfortunately one sister cannot attend
God called her to heaven above
But I know she's looking down on us
And sending us all her love.

I miss you Stella so very much
As do Caroline, Joan and Joyce
I'm sorry the search took so long
Your leaving us was not your choice.

But each reunion we have in the future
You will always be a part
Of five sisters who got separated
But never from their hearts.

Written by: Chee Chee Martin
© 2004 used with permission

This wonderful poem was written by
special request & is
based on a true story by Susan :-)
If you too have found siblings, Susan
would love to hear from you
at the following address.


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