The Spirit of Christmas
Christmas time is drawing near
Children listen, have no fear.
Cry no more, we'll dry the tears.
Hope and pray my little dear
Heavenly angels may appear.
Hand them all the heavy gear.
Invest in love all through the year
In your heart, just be sincere
In return, you will see clear.
Sometimes we need to steer
Somewhere away from "me" to hear.
Send a friend some special cheer
To help them wipe away a tear
They too have heavy gear.
Try it on, your own will dissappear.
Merry should be this time of year
May you make it so, my dear.
Mighty thoughts of good keep near
Abounds hope in the hemisphere
All of us can lend an ear
And if we help someone to veer
Spiritually ahead, not in arrears
Softly from within we'd hear
Spirit sing sweet songs of cheer.

by Spiritisup 1998 All rights reserved

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