My hope for you today is that by viewing
this page of peace and serenity
and listening to the beautiful relaxing music
it will reduce some of the stress in your life.
I hope you leave here relaxed to enjoy life to the fullest.

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The following poem was given to me
as a gift to share with you here.
I hope you enjoy it!

by Glynis Chalmers

Under the brambles, a stirring begins
a whisper of movement on butterfly wings
fanciful laughter on the edge of the night
Kindling the dark in tangerine light...

Capture the warmth from a frozen moon
breathe in the scent of a forest in bloom
watch from a thicket as flamingo's take flight
adding their glow to the tangerine night....

Tasting the raindrops, as gentle as sighs
a sprinkle of moondust makes truth of the lies
reflections of water, so clear and so bright
floating on stars, like tangerine kites.....

Cover yourself with the touch of a breeze
Open your eyes and learn to believe
the twilight holds secrets but secures our dreams
in silhouette shades of Tangerine

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