So lovely is the keepsake
I have here on display
Filled with pretty blossoms
Of a sweet friendship bouquet

Far more than buds and flowers
Will fill this lovely vase
Before this day is over
Memories will be fixed in place

The flowers will go in time
And leave their precious seed
To sow amongst the thorns of life
When we have a need

So much like the flowers
Are seeds friends leave when gone
Memories that will linger
After many years pass on

This vase will n'er be empty
Though the flowers soon will fade
I'll pack it to the brim with joy
That we share in this day

Too long now we have waited for
A time to meet and place
Here we are together
My home, your presence grace

The day was filled to the brim
With laughter 'til day was done
Separation anxiety started setting in
As the hours passed on and on

We took some hours from night time
And we added a few on
To make our day last longer
Then conceded it's all gone

When a day like this has ended
The memories will always stay
Thank you for the friendship seeds
You've sown in my home today

Now I've tucked each precious one
Into this lovely vase
The joy, the love and laughter
And a smile from every face

Sometimes I look at the vase
In time to hear it say,
'remember when?'
In my mind I start reliving
The day all over again

It never was intended
That we should stay apart
Every memory packed into my vase
Is also tucked into my heart

Yolanda Cohen Oct.,2007
Thank you Kathryn, Aaron and Nate
for the bouquet,
the vase and the memories.

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