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The Savior changed the world forever
with messages divine,
With hope for all believers
and love for all mankind.
~Vi B. Chevalier~ It happened, oh, so long ago,
one cold and starry night,
A special child named Jesus 
was born to bring us light
~Vi B. Chevalier~ May you have the gladness of Christmas
which is hope; 
the spirit of Christmas which
is peace; 
the heart of Christmas which 
is love.
~Ada V. Hendricks~ More than a child born in the hay,
Jesus, my Lord, on that first Christmas day.
More than the son of a carpenter man;
You carried the weight of the world in Your hand.
~ 1997 Lawrence Keith Holder~
You are the Hope of my soul,
All that I see, and all that I know.
In You, there is peace in my life,
For one day You came, as angels proclaimed,
The Light of the world for us all!
~ 1997 Lawrence Keith Holder~ And the angel said unto them;
Fear not; for behold, I bring you tidings of great joy,
Which shall be to all people.
For unto you is born this day
In the city of David, a Saviour,
Which is Christ the Lord.
~Luke 2:10, 11~ Wishing you a wonderful season
filled with heavenly peace
and the warmth of
His presence in your heart and home
as you celebrate this holiday season.
May God bless your Christmas and New Year More light than we can learn,
More wealth than we can treasure,
More love than we can earn,
More peace than we can measure,
Because one Child is born.
~Christopher Fry~
Christ is Christmas as it was meant to be.
The Babe came down to earth, especially for you and me. Always remember the star that shone so bright, And cast its glow upon the earth that glorious Christmas night. ~Joyce Kaman~ Yes, Christmas is a joyful time,
as we celebrate Christ's birth.
God's gift of love was sent to all,
when Jesus came to earth.
~Frances Culp Wolfe~ A blessed time long ago,
the night of Jesus' birth
When angels sang a joyful choir
-their message: 'Peace on earth.'
~Helen M. Motti~ The moonlight turned the world to gold
and stars came out to see
The wonder here of God's true love,
His gift for you and me.
~Helen M. Motti~

~ The Man Who Owned the Stable ~

(A Christmas Parable)

It was long, long ago, in a faraway land,
That a gift of Salvation was given to Man;
And often 'tis told of the first Christmas morn,
How the angels proclaimed that the Savior was born;
And how a bright star, shining down from above,
Guided wise men afar, who brought tokens of Love.
Though one man there was who was deeply ashamed
Of himself, on the night that the Christ-child came.
Yet the part that he played was a great one indeed,
For his kindness and aid to some strangers in need.

Now the ruler of Rome had then made a decree:
That the world should be taxed with a new census fee;
And so for this reason had Joseph and Mary
To travel so far, amid hardship and worry,
To reach Bethlehem: their ancestors' home;
And comply with the edict as issued by Rome.
Now Mary was frightened, being heavy with child,
As some lands they must cross were uncertain and wild.
So obtaining a donkey, that Mary could ride,
They set out with faith in the Lord as their guide.

Now they traveled in hope 'til they came within sight
Of the City of David on that long ago night.
Though when they arrived, very tired and cold,
They were greatly disturbed by the things they were told.
'No, I've no lodging,' the innkeeper said;
'There's no room to spare---not even one bed!'
When he turned them away, they were worried and sad;
There was no place to rest . . . No room to be had.
And that's how it was that a man, who stood near,
Had learned of their plight---and guessed at their fear.
For long had he lived in this now-crowded city,
And their desperate need pierced his heart with great pity.

A rich man he wasn't, nor yet was he poor;
Though how he might help them he wasn't quite sure.
His own home was crowded with family and kin,
So how could he shelter two strangers therein?
And then an odd thought came into his mind:
He DID have some room after all . . . Of one kind.
It surely would help them---that is, were he able
To persuade this poor couple to abide in his stable.
It was warmer and quiet, and much safer inside,
And other small needs he could also provide;
Though this was not proper for a mother-to-be,
So the man wasn't certain that they would agree.
Yet to his surprise, they both were elated!
For now their concerns were allayed and abated;
And they gratefully thanked him, and gave their assent,
For the time had drawn near for their blessed event.

Yet still the man wondered that they were so eager
When they came to his stable, so lowly and meager.
His steading was old, but well-tended and clean;
And inside it was calm . . . It was almost serene.
For the lamp that was hanging inside of the door
Shone forth with a splendor as it hadn't before:
With a beautiful light, and an aura of Peace
Permeating the stable; and each lowly beast
Was somber and silent, though all were awake.
It seemed they were waiting . . . No sound did they make.
Yet when Mary entered, a smile in her eyes,
The man was amazed at a greater surprise.
For each of his beasts, both the large and the small,
Sank down to their knees as she gazed on them all!

An omen this seemed; but if that were true,
Just what did it mean---and what should he do?
The man was bewildered and rather dismayed,
Then Mary assured him, 'Sir, don't be afraid!
No ill shall befall you, nor come to this place;
And giving us aid will not bring you disgrace.'
Now being their host, the man was contrite,
For the words she had spoken seemed proper and right.
So he saw to their needs before saying good night;
And he made his way home, though he stared at the sight
Of a glorious Star that was blazing on high:
The miraculous sign that the Lord had come nigh!

Yet the man couldn't sleep when he laid down to rest,
For he pondered and wondered about his poor guests.
Then hearing outside some excited commotion,
He leaped from his bed: quite alarmed by a notion
That Mary, perhaps, had begun with her labor;
And Joseph was asking for help from a neighbor!
The man woke his wife; they made haste to the stable,
But on their arrival they simply weren't able
To believe what they found---for kneeling within
Were a number of shepherds . . . and three strange men!

Kings, they appeared, in fine robes as they were;
And gifts they had brought---of gold and of myrrh!
And frankincense too, with a fresh, fragrant scent
That had filled all the air like joy and content;
And the man, like the visitors, knelt, and he prayed,
For lying in a manger his own hands had made,
Wrapped in swaddling clothes, was a radiant child,
Aglow with a light that was wondrous and mild.
For the babe had an aura of Goodness and Love
That had surely descended from Heaven above!
And softly, but clear, like a silvery ringing,
The voices of angels were sweetly now singing.

'Twas then in a moment of mute adoration,
The man underwent a profound revelation:
This child was the Christ---the King of all kings---
Of whom was foretold the most wondrous of things!
Yet knowing this now, the man was distraught,
For he felt that he hadn't done right, as he'd thought.
So he rose and he made his way slowly outside;
Where he stood, all alone, and he silently cried.
Then looking above at the Star sent from Heaven,
He prayed to the Lord that he might be forgiven.

Then the shepherds came forth from the man's humble stead,
And they hastened away with glad tidings to spread;
But the man felt ashamed and quite dismal at heart,
When at last the three Wise Men prepared to depart.
Yet strangely enough, they turned to him then;
And one of them said, 'Please pardon me, friend.
But I see you're unhappy , with doubt and distress,
At a time when we all should feel joyous and blessed!
Though sadly, He will not be welcomed by some,
The Savior of all---the Messiah---has come!'

Now the man wept again in his anguish and said,
'But He lies in a manger of hay for His bed!
For this is my stable---a shelter for beasts---
And not a fit place for the true Prince of Peace!
Had I opened my eyes, I should surely have known;
I would gladly, somehow, have made room in my home!'

At this, the kind Magi then cheerfully smiled,
And spoke in a voice as if teaching a child;
'That is how Life is---and forever shall be:
That we truly need MORE than our eyes to see!
And never a kindness, nor loving concern
Has ever been wasted---as surely you've learned.
My friend, your own house will now richly be blessed
Because of the care that you showed for your guests.
Indeed, you have done something more, on your part:
You've given our Savior a place . . . in your heart!'

Roy Richards


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