What did our Jesus feel
As He began in His mother's arms
Warmly concealed,
Safely sealed from any harm,
What was it He could feel...

As He grew encircled in that love
And unknown days began to peal,
While men pushed away that kindness
'No room for You Lord Jesus,'
How rejected did He feel...

Then as they knelt down at His feet
Longing for a meal,
And ate abundantly of fish and bread
Listening intently to His gentle voice,
What longing did He feel...

As they rushed to Him for healing
His comfort to appeal,
To rise upon their feet and walk away-
A gladder day to meet,
What heartache did He feel...

As with zeal they shouted hallelujah
Laying branches on His way,
Then with inner heart revealed
Their heart cry. 'Crucify'
How so very painful would that feel...

As He prayed there, all alone
And staggered up that chosen hill,
Every step of bleeding pain
Weeping Father, help Me Your will fulfill,
What was that to feel...

As they hammered those loving hands
Onto that rugged cross, to seal,
Him, as the guilty one,
To suffer all our grief and pain,
What sorrow did He feel...

As the skies grew dark with sin
And the Father turned away
Our sin, His Son to steal,
For a purpose only God could understand,
How lonely would He feel...

Then as He cried out, It is finished
And let His spirit be released,
His body in the tomb, concealed,
To rest in God's abiding peace,
Oh, what fulfillment would He feel...

To rise victorious
Enclosed in love to ever give,
With cry, 'I felt it all, I took your place
So spirit death you'll never feel
But dear one, now know My everlasting life to live.'

Soft whispers for Easter from
Derry's Heart Poems 2009

Oh what joy, when we understand
why Jesus suffered so..
to take our sin,
He went through so much
to make our lives forever sing.


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This diorama depicting Christ at prayer in the garden
was inspired by the beloved painting by Heinrich Hofmann
brought to three dimensional life at Christus Gardens.

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