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~ The Vase ~

Another day has come and gone, they pass so quickly now.
Each day they share is such a gift, and they cherish every hour.
They've been together through the years and his tender love like lace,
He's brought to her in tokens, and today he brought a vase.

It's not just any vase, you see, it's dainty and shiny white.
The top of it bursts open into pink petals shining and bright.
The bottom of it is full and round and the neck is long and thin.
A wire and pearl necklace around it, and it contains his love within.

He chooses every treasure for her and never fails to seek,
Something that he knows she'll love, something that's unique.
She always smiles and is surprised each time she sees his face
Light up as he presents his love, and today it was in a vase.

When you look around the room this night, in every place you'll see,
The treasures that he's brought to her, each one chosen perfectly.
The love inside of each surprise is filled with love and grace.
Each one he brings adds memories and today he brought a vase.

His love for her is always shown in countless special ways.
He loves to make her smile each day and each of them count the days.
They know the time in this life they share will pass and be no more.
One day soon, one will be called away to wait on Heaven's shore.

Who will be the first to go is up to their God above.
The treasures that are left behind will still be filled with love.
But they still have today to share and see each other's face,
As she remembers yesterday, when he gave to her a vase.

Written by Karen Bunker
August 2, 2006



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