~ For Those Who Learn Differently ~

God chooses to give us very special people
Who were made by The Lord's own Hand
They are a gift, for they learn by trusting
To see the beauty He put in man

Some are master poets
Some paint the things they see
There are some, who just learn
A little differently

Some are blind, so they touch with their hands
Some cannot hear, so with their eyes they see
It is all part of trusting
God's love is for all to keep

There are children made special at their birth
God understands them, He gives them all they need
Hope for understanding, a mind especially made
A spirit which can soar high into the clouds
Where people cannot touch them
Who do not understand.

These children are God's special plan
If you know someone, who learns a different way
Love them unconditionally, for God made them that way.

Linda Ann Henry 2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet



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Midi 2004 Matthew Drollinger and
is used with written permission

Tubes by Ivy & SWD used to make the graphics