~ Time Be Told ~

What a handsome face with that smile...
He pauses, the smile lingers awhile.
Does he seek only what his eyes abide,
and not the heart that dwells inside?

With longing looks no other can see,
he continues to take survey of me ...
Already there are feelings of such ...
I can almost feel his touch.

Should I take a chance
with a backward glance?
Should I just tease ...
or give in and try to please?

There's some flushing to his cheeks ...
my heart flutters, and now grows weak.
He almost falls with unsteady slips,
as I unconsciously moisten my lips.

He runs his fingers through his hair ...
Now, I openly stare ...
I must not show I care ...
But my gaze lingers there.

Cannot allow myself to bend to his will.
I must with restraint, conceal
how passionate I truly feel, until ...
His very soul's heart I can steal.

His bold body defines
an art with muscular lines.
I know his longing equal to mine,
but would it last over time?

How handsome he is in this rapture.
Will it last until his heart I capture?

Fleeting moments, he must not walk away ...
Reveal just enough to make him stay.

Which should I choose
knowing again I may lose?
In my heart true ...
What should I do?

Knowing past pain,
should I try again?

My heart can only wait
for this love's unknown fate.

Only God knows the heart of this man,
it's destiny held in His hands ...
To this man, now time be told  ...
I gave my heart forever to hold.

Barbara LaBarbera
2003 used with permission

"Time Be Told" was this poets answer
to another poet's "
Time Will Tell"

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