~ Try To Remember ~

I tied a string around my finger
To remind me of what I was supposed to do
The problem is I can't remember
And I don't even have a clue.

So the string around my finger
Doesn't seem to help at all
I have to figure out a way
Where something can help me recall.

I can tell you what I did twenty years ago
But don't ask me what I did today
I'm lucky I even remember my name
My memory "upped" and ran away.

I bought a supply of stick 'em notes
And they're stuck all over the house
They're stuck in every nook and cranny
They're even stuck to my blouse!

I've been told with age your memory goes
And mine put me in such a spin
I remember the day it ran away
Or at least I think I remember when!

So bear with me as I read my notes
I can't remember if I've talked to you
I hope when you reach my age
Your mind won't "up" and run away too!!


Chee Chee Martin 2005

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