~ Veil Of Fear ~

Lift this watery veil of fear
I need to let it go
It's trying hard to consume me
I need God's light to glow.

So much has happened recently
In such a short span of time
Fear rears its ugly head again
I need to try and keep it confined.

Worrying and fretting does no good
That's when fear will dominate you
Ask God to take complete control
He will be there and see you through.

But it seems to be easier said than done
You wouldn't think that would be so
But fear is like an awful addiction
It's so very hard to let go.

It is a forever constant companion
It pretends to be your best friend
You unwittingly turn to it for solace
As it takes you to your end.

Fear shows up unannounced
It doesn't knock upon your door
It gives no warnings or signs it's there
But it WILL knock you to the floor.

But with God's help you can avoid this path
Turn your back on this negative force
Don't let it take control of your life
Let God's power come in and be enforced.

He'll lift you from the churning quagmire
He'll ease your suffering and your pain
He'll hold you in his arms and heart
Your fear he'll keep contained.

Chee Chee Martin   6-10-05

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