I'm sitting here watching the news on TV
What's showing is the progress that's been made
For the victims of Hurricane Katrina
Our country is sending in aid.

My heart has been crying blood tears
Since Katrina hit our shores
Such devastation and loss of life
It's shaken my very core.

A beautiful city has been destroyed
So much has been sacrificed
People missing and presumed dead
Why did they have to pay this price.

I've seen some happy reunions
A child reunited with his mother
Amid the heartache and suffering
Their smiles were like no other.

And to see all the animals left behind
Some still protecting their home
Hungry, thirsty, and craving attention
They are now all alone.

The water is starting to recede
Glimpses of the destruction come into view
You get an idea of what took place
What everyone must've gone through.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel
'Cause more people are united with loved ones
Animals are rescued and waiting to be claimed
The mending has already begun.

The time will come when we will reflect
Back on this worst of time
But never should we ever forget
What happened to our shoreline.

What happened to all the people there
What happened to a beautiful city
What's needed from us here and now
Is money and aid, not pity.


Chee Chee Martin 2005




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