~ Just Walk Beside Me ~

Let's hold hands as we go
So neither walks too fast
For if our promises we keep
We will so enjoy the stroll
As each other's pace we meet

Let's just walk together
And not wander on a tangent
With ideas far away
For then we'll find each other near
When we need someone to stay

Let's just stay close
So one might not lag behind
Then together we can share each plan
It is so very friendly
When we enjoy the same

Let's always be in one accord
For as we walk side by side
We will be such special friends
In all life's ups and downs
Our love will never end

Soft Whispers for special you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

I know we only have cyberspace
but at least we can still be of comfort to each other,
for we know each other's thoughts so well,
that is what makes us such good friends, right?
Jenny Roe

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Midi is Among My Souvenirs Sequenced By Will Campbell

Artwork Walk Together by Gail Goodwin

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